BioShock PS3 Looks Better, Plays Harder (Say IGN)

The PS3 version of BioShock is a little different to the 360/PC one. It'll have downloadable "challenge rooms" for starters, but it'll also feature a new difficulty mode, "Survivor". Which is a stupid name. It should really be called "Will Kick Your Arse Up And Down Rapture". Instead of tweaking things like AI, they've instead decided to cut off pretty much all of your ammo, leaving you in many instances to pick up a gun with a single bullet in it. It'll also jack up the price of plasmids, reduce the amount of health vita chambers give you and just generally make the game, oh, impossible.

That's one of the main gameplay additions covered, but IGN are also reporting that that the PS3 version features improved visuals, with "cleaner high resolution textures for every facet of the game". They also say the water effects look "much slicker" than what we'll assume is the 360 version. So, improvements all round, then! Question is, PS3 owners: does this make up for the long wait?

Bioshock Survivor Mode Hands-on [IGN]


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