Birdo Imprisoned Over Gender Mix-Up, Only A Dildo Can Save Her

Quick: what's Birdo? Dude thing, or lady thing? Upcoming Wii game Captain Rainbow seeks to capitalise on this confusion by making Birdo the centre of one of your first quests. Birdo needs your help getting "her" out of jail, after the fuzz - convinced she's a he - lock her up for using the women's bathroom. And the only way you can get her out?

Go find some "evidence that I'm a woman"

Which of course means going to her house. Then finding that her pillow's vibrating. Then lifting up the pillow to find...something. Whatever it is, it's censored, but it's under her pillow, it's vibrating, then you get a little message saying "Proof that the owner is a woman".

Please let this game get a release outside of Japan, Nintendo. Please.

Captain Rainbow: Birdo's Gender Crisis [Wired]


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