Blitz: The League II Has Exploding Testicles

In case you missed out on the ballin' Midway party last night, here's a quick rundown. The Budlight was flowing, I found out Lawrence Taylor wears watches the size of a small child's head, and, oh yeah, there was some video games there, too. While I got to play Blitz: The League II at the party with everyone else, it wasn't exactly the best environment to sit down and really look at a game, especially with Justin Timberlake blasting in your ears. But is it as experimental as LT says it is?

You know, I'm not sure how I should approach Blitz 2. Yes, it's a football game, but that's just on the surface. Really, this game is about abusing the human body. It's over-the-top, funny, and should not be taken seriously. If you're buying this game for the simulated football experience, there will be little of it. But that's OK. Blitz has never been about that and certainly doesn't try to hide it.

I'm not sure where to start. I'll guess I can go over the football part first.


    Yay. Yet another classic game for Aussies to have to import. :)

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