Blizzard Tell 'Fans' To Sit Down, Shut Up

There are two fanbases I fear on these internets above all others. One are hardcore Fallout fans, who I picture to be something like Master Blaster from Mad Max. Sans the "Master". The other are hardcore Diablo fans, because to be honest, I can't see how you can be so into mouse clicking, and find their blind fanaticism both starkly intimidating and downright hilarious. This story, on MTV's Multiplayer, manages to capture both the fanatacism and the hilarity. It's an interview with Blizzard's Jay Wilson, art director on Diablo III. Where Wilson takes a bunch of fan "suggestions" on Diablo III's art direction - in the form of photoshopped screenshots - and tears them to pieces. Fun reading.

'Diablo III' Designer Turns Tables, Judges Fans' Screenshots [MTV]


    God I hate blizzard!! I used to love them, anything from them was gold, but how many times can they openly spit in the fans face and still expect everyone to be happy? Cancelling game after game, taking year after year to do anything, saying 'it's done when its done' and anyone who muters these words should be shot, and now this. What is he talking about? All they have done is made it a bit darker why does he say it can't be done? I understand if you take years that you would be a little protective of your work but don't start making crap up. Why after all the money they have made does blizzard still only have a skeleton staff, taking years to do anything instead of (and this is such a out there idea) hiring some more staff!! I loved the diablo games but I'm not touching this one out of protest, go F yourself blizzard.

    Sure are alot of morons in here, what gives you all spent your childhood drinking paint or something? gee id sure love it if blizzard made starcraft 2 look like wow aswell and maybe if were lucky they can get bethesda in on it too and we can have fallout 3 wow edition!!!!

    If by "game after game" you mean "Starcraft Ghost" I totally agree! Curse them from pulling the plug on that one. Or maybe you're talking about all 8 games on this Kotaku article that apparently Blizz cancelled before they ever saw the light of day. Were you just *really* hanging out for "Warcraft Adventures?"

    Oh, and another thing, did you even READ the interview? He *says* why simply 'darker' can't be done - not without handing out $1,000 graphics cards with every game, or making the player flail wildly in the dark clicking wildly on both friend and foe... puh-lease!

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