Braben: Elite 4 Coming To Consoles

I've been waiting so long for Elite 4 that the issue of what platform it will actually appear on has become kind of irrelevant.

In my mind's eye, I just see the same old 8-bit wireframes only... better, somehow. A bit less blocky would do. They don't even have to have textures or anything, just as long as the gameplay is up to the original I will be happy. Just slap a bit of anti-aliasing on or something and I am there.

Sadly, the odds of Elite 4 being released for the BBC Model B or Commodoure 64 are quite slim, but series co-creator David Braben has popped up to tease us with the idea that Elite 4 will be hitting current-gen consoles.

This sounds great, but surely Elite needs about 500 keys to be playable? Matching the complex controls to a game pad is going to be tricky, clumsy or both.

As to the game itself, Braben is staying tight lipped. "Very, very deep and dark," is all he could reveal - hopefully referring to the gameplay rather than the remaining project plan.

Elite 4: "We are looking at console," says Braben [Videogaming 247]


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