Braid Sales 'Surprisingly Good', But Not Yet Profitable

Despite the budget busting price of 1200 Microsoft Points, Braid seems to be selling at a "surprisingly good" rate, according to the game's official blog. As of today, sales estimate are just shy of 30,000 copies sold to Xbox Live Arcade's more affluent user, a figure the Braid blog writes "seems to be in the right neighbourhood".

Does that mean that the segment of the population who has parked their Learjets long enough to complete the download have made the game a profit? Not quite.

Jonathan Blow, the game's creator, says Braid needs to reach sales of exactly "a lot more than it has gotten so far" to be in the red. Let's hope the rest of the Xbox Live community, the type who don't sport platinum cards and massive trust funds, will be able to dig deep and snatch up what Blow says is "the highest-rated XBLA game ever". See? He says it right down there.

Braid is the highest-rated XBLA game ever. (Also, sales data). [Braid Blog]


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