Brett Ratner’s Guitar Hero Movie Idea Sounds Crappy

Brett Ratner’s Guitar Hero Movie Idea Sounds Crappy

Hollywood director Brett Ratner (X-Men: The Last Stand, other tripe) has a dream. He wants to make a Guitar Hero movie. Listen to what Ratner has to say:

I love Guitar Hero and I think it’s a part of pop culture. I would love to do a Guitar Hero movie, if Activision would ever let me. I’m trying to convince them, but why would you have a movie screw up such a huge franchise? Not that I would make a bad movie. So that would be cool, to do a Guitar Hero movie.

We’re pretty sure that Brett Ratner never sets out to make a bad movie. Shit just happens, you know? For those still interested in what he has to say (masochist much?), hit the jump for Ratner’s plot idea:

It could be about a kid from a small town who dreams of being a rock star and he wins the Guitar Hero competition. One of these dreams-[come-true]kind of concepts.

So tell me again why Brett Ratner doesn’t have an Oscar yet.

Brett Ratner Wants To Make A ‘Guitar Hero’ Movie [MTV][Pic]


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