But the Bride is in Another Castle!

Newlyweds Frank and Paige Hackett are gamers, he on his PS3 and SNES (yep), she on her DS and PSP. They're also, in Frank's words, a "short Italian guy and much taller blonde girl". So it would follow that that thing, above, would be the cake at their wedding last weekend. Frank provided us the source pictures and we'll have an architectural discussion on the jump.

Look closely because there's a ton of detail here. The cake's base is inspired by the beach level in Mario Galaxy; the middle layer (just underneath the castle) is a kind of spiral bas-relief drawing on the scenery in the Super Mario Brothers worlds; and the massive castle at the top, Frank says that came from a phony screenshot back when people were talking about the "Nintendo Revolution" as the third-gen console. I'm not a structural engineer, but there has gotta be a load bearing wall somewhere within the standard cake layers below, because it looks like a ton of fondant and heavy sugary mortar up there.

Congratulations to Frank and Paige and best wishes from Kotaku.

Source material for the beach:

For the middle column:

For the castle:


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