Capcom 'Contemplating' More Wii Ports

Is Dead Rising the first of many Wii ports? On the official Capcom blog a commenter complained that Wii owners won't be able to play Resident Evil 5, "possibly" Dead Rising 2, Lost Planet, Flock, Age of Booty, Street Fighter IV, Devil May Cry 4 and Dark Void. Capcom's Christian Svensson replied:

We are contemplating versions of one or two of the CEI titles you've mentioned on the Wii (not saying which), but we'd like to see how they do on their initial target systems before doubling down on additional SKUs.

CEI (referring to "Capcom USA") developed titles include Street Fighter IV and Flock. Upcoming CEI titles include Age of Booty and Dark Void. Let the speculation begin!

Thread [Capcom via Shack News]


    lol, Devil May Cry 1 and 3 for the Wii. Everyone loves young Dante.

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