Capcom Talk Resident 5 On PC

Forget that talk of Resident Evil 5 going to the Wii for a moment, and consider that other platform. The one that's a lot more likely to get a version of Resident Evil 5. Yeah, the PC. It's yet to be confirmed, but that doesn't stop Capcom's Christian Svensson from talking around it:

I know that Inafune-san and I are both huge proponents of the PC platform and Capcom is an active participant in the PCGA. We do believe in the future of the platform and that contrary to what retail data shows, it is growing. Our rosy prognostications aside, somewhere the P&Ls of Capcom Japan's outings on the platform are going to come up and they are likely to have a bearing on the decision making process for future titles. That's my longwinded way of saying "stay tuned because it's not clear yet".

Funny, we thought that was your longwinded way of saying "well, everything else we've done lately has come to the PC, so of course it is, silly".

Capcom PC Q&A [IGN]


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