Captain Rainbow Says, 'Please Turn Over'

Wow, just wow. You are looking at the box art for Japanese Wii title Captain Rainbow from developer Skip. The game follows Nick, Captain Rainbow's alter-ego, who's no longer popular as he used to be and goes to Minmin Island in hopes of becoming popular again. There his path crosses with other characters from Nintendo games like Punch Out's Little Mac who wants to become a great fighter again and Super Mario Bros. 2's Birdo who wants to pick up dudes. Oh, so the side of the box, it reads: "This is not a cool hero game!" Next to that: "Calmly read in detail the explanation on the back!" Under the game's logo, it says "Please Turn Over" in a phallic speech bubble. Rather polite.

自分と他人の幸せ、究極の選択を迫られるアクショベンチャー! [Game Watch]


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