Carmack Respectfully NOTHANKYOU.jpgs Wii Development

Id Software's John Carmack spends his free time playing Nintendo games with his son. They're currently making their way through Super Paper Mario. And when not playing that, they have a go at Mario Kart DS. So does that mean Carmack is keen on, say, Wii development? According to Carmack:

The Wii is one of those markets where Nintendo owns both the hardware and the software, but part of that is because they make such damn good products. So it's the toughest platform for third party developers. We don't have a software or content base ideally suited for it. So it doesn't really play to our strengths and we're pretty busy with other stuff right now. I'm thrilled that Nintendo has had this kind of success because they took some risky bets, and it's always nice some bold thinking pay off for them. But I don't think we'll be on the platform.

At least he's honest!

Carmack on Doom, Rage, EA and More [Tom's Games via Go Nintendo]


    Quite a respectable decision and message!

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