Castle Crashers Not As Pricey As We Thought

While the Japanese Xbox page might have correctly "estimated" the price of Braid, they were dead wrong about Castle Crashers. Behemoth has confirmed the official price of their highly anticipated Xbox Live Arcade game, which will be released at the more Braid-like price point of 1200 Microsoft points - or 15 real life US dollar points.

While that still leaves Castle Crashers at a price point higher than your average XBLA title, it's a great deal less than the original listing, which had the game going for 1800 points, or $US 22.50. Behemoth would also like to remind you that they'll be on hand at both PAX this month and the Tokyo Game Show in October, so stop by and give them hugs. The sweatier the better.

1200 Points, Behemoth Forums, PAX, and TGS [Castle Crashers Dev Blog]


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