Celebrity Sports Showdown Impressions

I'll be honest; I didn't spend more than twenty minutes with this game. Can you blame me? It's a hodgepodge of sports minigames with some celebrity likenesses slapped on. I played as Mia Hamm because Sugar Ray Leonard was taken and Fergie makes me physically ill.

There's a slew of sports to choose from - skiing, tubing, badminton, dodge ball... I faced off against the PR rep in a tubing race where the idea is to gather the most stars. The Wii motion controls worked fairly well. Jerk the remote up to jump and flick it down to slam your airborne tube onto a competitor and make him lose his stars. On a skiing level, PR totally destroyed me as we sped down the slopes, trying to do tricks whenever we caught a jump.

The thing that has the most potential for drunk-fun are the rowing games. We played co-op on this level and each had to control a paddle by moving the Wiimote in a rowing motion while held sideways. I confess I blew it by dropping the remote twice. Nailing that synced rhythm with your partner is way harder than it looks even if you aren't a klutz like me.

The game ships in October.


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