Classic Oddworld Games Get Steamed

While we all wait — with breath that at least slightly baited — for news of the new Oddworld game, Valve's Doug Lombardi got in touch to tell us about the release of two of the earlier Oddworld games through Steam.

Poorly-spelled platforming classics Abe's Oddysee and Abe's Exoddus are now on the Steam network for a measly $US 9.99 a pop, with an "Oddworld Pack" featuring both games for $US 14.99.

For the first week, Steam subscribers can buy either or both titles at a special 10% discount. Which is nice.


    The phrase is bated breath, not baited. I know its video game journalism but geez, a little correct spelling and correct use of phrases wouldnt go astray. Gamers already deal with the stereotype of being dumbasses, help us out a little here guys.

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