CNN Tackles Hot Spore Porn Issue

We had our fun with lewd and lascivious Spore creatures when the Creature Creator first hit, and then we were done, but some people just can't let go and move on. The plague of Spornography has become so widespread that even the folks at CNN can no longer turn a blind eye. At least they keep things classy.

But scrolling through the database — past the three-legged sea horse, past the seven-eyed wildebeest and the half-motorcycle-half-pig — revealed something many users didn't expect. Buried among the more wholesome attempts were two-legged dancing testicles, a "giant breast monster" and a four-legged, "phallic fornication machine", for starters.

You can almost hear the concerned-sounding voice of your nightly news anchor during a commercial teasing a full investigative report on how Spore is raping our children's minds.

The CNN report covers all of the angles. First the get the word from the Spore development team.


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