Crossing Streams With Ghostbusters The Video Game

Things I learned as a novice Ghostbuster:

Proton packs don't need reloading, but they do need venting or they'll overheat. Hmm, wonder if those clouds of steam could have something to do with the blood in my urine?

The PKE Meter is great at tracking down errant ghosts and seeing in low light situations but don't get caught holding one, other wise empty handed, when a ghost comes at you.

Slapping a ghost around a room, while fun and even necessary before trapping, really cuts into profits after you pay for the damages.

Sure Ghostbusting is fun, but tragically, watching someone Ghostbust can lead to nightmares, especially if you're seven and about to go to bed.

You can't start fires or blow stuff up with your unlicenced nuclear accelerator, but you can cross streams. Turns out that doesn't do anything really.



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