Daedalic Entertainment At GC 2008 - The Whispered World DS

The great thing about the annual Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany, is that you get to see work from publishers and developers who wouldn't generally make it to gaming events is Japan or the states. Take German developer Daedalic Entertainment, for instance. I've been following their fantasy adventure game The Whispered World since they teased it back in October. Now I'll actually get a chance to check it out, along with point & click adventure A New Beginning for the DS, PC, and Wii.

They'll also be debuting a DS port of The Whispered World, along with Edna & Harvey: The Breakout, plus a couple unannounced projects to keep things fresh. There used to be an entire hall dedicated to games like these at the old E3. I guess we've got to go to Germany for them now. Definitely looking forward to it!


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