Death Tank To Roll On Xbox Live Arcade!

Germany's rating board, the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle, may have let an Xbox Live Arcade announcement out of the bag a bit early, as it has rated Death Tank for the Xbox 360. Should you have gone without a Sega Saturn and copies of either Powerslave or Duke Nukem 3D, Death Tank is a 2D multiplayer tank shooter with a deforming landscape, similar to the Worms series, but with more tanks and more death.

The game has yet to be officially confirmed or announced, but with the Leipzig Games Convention right around the corner, we're hoping to get our hands on a playable version very, very soon.



    Like Scorched Earth... but its not turn based. Weapons take a bit to charge, then FIRE! The ultimate party game and best way to make a room of friends go mental. Winners keep winning, losers feel like they're being picked on even when they're not and throw the controller across the room. i have friends that have sworn off this game forever. AWESOME!

    Hey, I've got a Death Tank inspired name! I've been going by "DeathTankZwei" on the internet for years now. Recently, my GameFAQs account by that name even got banned. :/

    I've been playing forever and spreading the word of this game for as long as I can remember. I've got Powerslave and Duke Nukem 3D on my Saturn, so I've played both Death Tanks. I even played Asheron's Call for a time solely to see the Death Tank inspired enemies.

    ...and in case you want to know, I am a ninja with jumpjet and hovercoil, and that blue tank in the sky is the azure bane of me not holding back. XD

    I also like to say "I serve... A higher authority..." right before I obliterate somebody with a laser. I liked SMRPG. ;)

    So, I'm totally psyched about the game that has, along with NiGHTS and several others, managed to keep my Sega Saturn on the forefront of my gaming activities for roughly the last decade, returning for XBLA.

    I don't have an XBox 360 yet, and I definitely have wanted one, but this is the final nail in the coffin for me. Microsoft officially wins this generation, game set and match. XD

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