Devil May Cry Guns In Airsoft Replica Form!

Look! Check out what Hobby Media discovered at this year's Wonder Festival: Airsoft pistol versions of the guns from Devil May Cry carries! That's right, here are pellet-shooting replicas of Dante's swish Ebony & Ivory firearms. Unlike those guns, these don't have unlimited ammo. Still pretty neat.

Hit the jump for ebony:

Wonder Festival 2008: Il Soft Air incontra Devil May Cry... [Hobby Media]


    I have the hellsing versions of these and I can see that the same company which made both hellsing and these are lazy, there are many parts of these guns I recognize, I hate when companies can't even be bothered to make a new mould and just make something new out of bits and pieces of other products.

    do they have an airsoft version of this?

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