Diablo III to be Gender Neutral

Diablo II was a fun play, but you sometimes got the feeling that you were being pushed into gender roles. I mean, if a young woman wants to dual-wield a sword and a battleaxe in a fur bikini then, by the gods she should be able to become a barbarian.

Likewise, if a chap wants to master the power of sorcery then that chap shouldn't feel as though wearing a revealing dress is his only option.

Good news, then, that Blizzard has decided to move the Diablo franchise into the 21st century and make any Diablo III character class playable by either sex. Granted, it just means doubling the number of character models but it is stiill a nice gesture towards sort-of-realism.

For my money, though, it doesn't go far enough. Where are all the transgendered Necromancers? Don't oppress us, Blizzard!

Designer: 'Diablo III' Gender Choice A 'Big Debate'
[MTV Multiplayer]


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