'Don't Make Great Stuff In A Nice Sweater And Drinking A Martini'

BioShock dev Ken Levine isn't all about Ken Levine. He's also all about Grand Theft Auto IV dev Sam Houser. Good for him! Here's Levine on Houser, his new BFF:

He is absolutely the most intense guy in the world... He's like Rasputin, you know. He's intense... But that's how you make great stuff. You don't make great stuff by wearing a nice sweater and drinking a martini: you make great stuff by digging your fucking teeth in... I know Sam now... I've been lucky enough to get to know Sam... Since BioShock's come out — I was a huge fan of his, and I think he really liked the game, and he felt is was something that was greatly interesting. I can't speak for Sam, you know, but that's my interpretation of what he said.

Hey, the martini and nice sweater racket did wonders for Frank Sinatra. That guy was no slouch.

Houser made GTA by digging his "fucking teeth in," says Levine [VG247]


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