Don't Worry, Red Alert Fans, Jenny McCarthy Is Apparently A 'Badass' Tanya

The announcement of Jenny McCarthy as Tanya in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 may have drawn a "uergh" or two from fans of the series. "She's no fucking Kari Wührer", some said, which... well, we're not sure if that's a compliment or an insult. But the guys at EA sure like Jenny.

Chris Corey, executive producer for Red Alert 3, says that McCarthy is a "badarse" Tanya, that's she's more than capable to tackle the role of the special ops commando. After co-piloting a two-player coop demo of the PC version of the real-time strategy game, Corey tried to allay fan fears that the former Playboy Playmate wasn't ready to fill the tank top. Corey sounded pretty enthused to have her on board.

Hey, if they're happy, I'm happy.


    waywardchemist: When Jenny has never been in anything good her *entire* career, what kind of crap defense is that?

    Acting isn't what bothers me, they're just picking her because she's the sluttiest looking star they could find, curly over-sprayed blonde hair, tons of make-up, overshadowing of the eyes, deep tan, this is just to appeal to horny teenagers. An actor being campy is one thing, insulting my intelligence is another, I'm supposed to believe she's a gritty badass commando when she looks fresh off a porn shoot? Yeah, right, and I hope it's just a Codename, because obviously Tanya didn't turn into a blonde porn star overnight.

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