Doom 4 To Use 3X The Horsepower Of Rage, Run At 30 FPS

John Carmack revealed at the opening day of QuakeCon today that "the next Doom", which we'll just call Doom 4 for now, will surpass the already announced Rage, running on id Tech 5, in visual quality.

"The next DOOM game will look like it's built on another engine, as it uses three times the horsepower", Carmack said, according to a 1UP report.

That visual fidelity will come at a price though, as Carmack says that Doom 4 will run at 30 frames per second, compared to Rage's 60 frames per second. The only other details provided by Carmack on Doom 4 was that the game would feature "guns, blood, demons, and gibs". Should've sent a poet...

Quake Con Keynote — Live Blog [1UP]


    thumbs up for 'Contact' quote

    im one of the few people who loved doom 3 =( the only times it was actually dark like people complained about, was when you were supposed to use your flashlight. people who complained about the darkness obviously sucked at switching between flashlight and gun.

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