DS Half Elf Tentacle Assault Game STOPPED!

This winter, doujin circle Team-DSX planned to release DS title Half Elf Tentacle Assault at Comic Market. The self-made game's entirely homebrew and certainly does not have the Nintendo Seal of Quality — and never will!

However, the Comic Market preparation committee has cancelled Team-DSX's registration, meaning that the circle won't be allowed to sell their DS game. There's no word whether Nintendo was behind this, but the facts that the R4 cartridge was on the Half Elf Tentacle Assault poster and that Team-DSX seemed to be selling the R4. (Nintendo has taken legal action against the R4 in Japan.)

Team-DSX originally planned to sell Half Elf Tentacle Assault in Akihabara as well. However, the doujin circle's website is currently blank. Hit the jump for a pixelated version of the game's flier.

Half Elf tentacle rape DS stopped before release [Canned Dogs]


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