Dyack: Canadian Town's Future Riding on Too Human

Too Human isn't just a science fiction reinterpretation of Norse mythology, nor is it just a philosophical look at humanity's growing reliance on technology, nor is it just a cautionary tale about the nature of war, nor is it just an action game. Definitely don't judge it as just an action game. No, Too Human is, among all of these other things, a chance at salvation for an entire city in Ontario, Canada. Or thus spake Dyack in a recent interview with his home town paper.

"If Too Human does what we expect it will (in the marketplace), then it can change the world for St. Catharines and Niagara", Dyack said Friday from his office at One St. Paul Street.


There is a great deal riding on the success of Too Human for Silicon Knights, which employs 160 people. If the game is a hit, it will not only allow the company to grow, but will fuel Dyack's larger agenda for the city and region.

"I've said this before. I want to see a campus here in Niagara dedicated to interactive information technology", he said.

Dyack sees Niagara as suffering from a kind of inferiority complex that keeps it from reaching its full potential. The problem is compounded by the steady decline of the manufacturing sector. Video-game development and its associated industries might help build a new knowledge-based economy for the region, Dyack said.

So not only will you make Dyack cry if you don't buy Too Human, you'll kill a town. See if you can sleep with yourself then!

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