EA Finally Patches NCAA 09

The list of what was fixed is a doozy, but hopefully it puts an end to the shamefully embarrassing problems that plagued the release of NCAA Football 09 — nearly a month after its release.

My favourite fix? "Ball carrier will no longer run out of bounds when changing hands and heading towards the sidelines". Also "WR screen routes improved". That's good, because your shithead coach in Campus Legend mode loves to call it on third-and-long. Xbox 360 Fanboy, among other sites, has the full list of what was fixed. This also means that roster files are working. I got mine last night via EA Locker.

While they're at it, maybe someone can explain to me why I do not have any announcers for any game in Campus Legend mode? I have gone through my settings back and forth. I've got the volume enabled. Did I miss a memo? I was amazed when Brad Nessler said my last name in the 2008 game (note to Mum, thank you for not marrying anyone named Krzystremski). Why can't I hear it this year?

Sure, Legend mode is for creepy, thirtysomething beer guts who are too antisocial for online play, and want to live vicariously through the vision of the younger man they never were. But if you're going to include it, you know, make a commitment to its AI and its production values. I'd be fine if they killed it altogether in next year's release.

EA Finally Patches NCAA 09 [Xbox 360 Fanboy]


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