Epic's New Game - President Tells All

Except there's not much to tell. Yet.

Just yesterday it was announced that Epic Games would be joining EA as one of two new partners along with Grasshopper Manufacture (of Suda 51 fame).

I got some face time with Michael Capps, President of Epic Games, to see how the little independent studio that could feels about going with a Big Scary Publisher - especially one like EA that's got a reputation for ruthlessness with smaller development houses.

"The EA five years ago is not the same EA they are now. We wouldn't have partnered with them five years ago," Capps counters - shooting a furtive look at the EA handler at the interview. He scratches the back of his neck and removes a square of tape. "From the [stage]microphone," he says.

Sure, I believe him. He's not going all Manchurian Candidate on me.


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