Even Sims 2 Expansions Get Soundtracks These Days

EA has just revealed the soundtrack for the upcoming The Sims 2: Apartment Life expansion, and while it may not contain They Might Be Giants performing in Simlish like the FreeTime soundtrack, it does have Good Charlotte, who have never appeared on a game soundtrack unless you count...all of them. At this point I've heard more Good Charlotte in video games than I have anywhere else, though I'm not sure if that says something about me, the music industry, or both.

Other artists joining Good Charlotte include Junkie XL, Katy Perry, and Sunny Day Sets Fire, one of those bands with a "look how cool our name is" name, made more infuriating by the fact that it is actually a pretty cool name. Hit the jump for the full track listing, or just turn the music off and stream your favourite music over the internet.


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