Fable 2: Pub Games Now On AU XBLA, Collector's Edition Details

f2_smoke.jpgFable 2 was classifed just two days ago, while the XBLA-bound Pub Games has been sitting in the database since mid-last month. So it's no surprise Microsoft has fired out a press release today declaring that Pub Games is now out on Xbox Live Arcade and the contents of the Collector's Edition.

According to the release, Pub Games is 800 MS points, or free it you preorder the game from a "participating retailer" (listed after the jump). Pub Games comes with the following "casino-styled" diversions:

Keystone: A combination of Craps and Roulette Spinnerbox: An updated take on slot machines Fortune's Tower: A "press your luck" style of game

These should keep you occupied for two minutes or eternity, depending on how big a gambler you are. As for the CE, it's packed with a number of goodies, including bonus in-game content (a dungeon and a weapon no less), five "Fate" cards and a figurine. This will set you back $119.95, while the normal game is $99.95. October 23 is given as a local launch date.

Full press release after the jump!

SYDNEY, Australia 13 August 2008 - Fans eager for a head start with the highly anticipated action role-playing game Fable II will be able to download special Pub Games on Xbox LIVE today.

Gamers will be able to test their luck in the Xbox LIVE Arcade title developed exclusively for Fable II - Any of the gold you make while playing the pub games can later be used in Fable II to buy weapons, clothing, houses, dog tricks, and more.

The Fable II pub games are available through a complementary download over Xbox LIVE to anyone who pre-orders a copy of Fable II at participating retailers. The games are also available for downloaded without the pre-order for 800 Microsoft points.

The high-stakes casino-style Pub Games (available as one download) are:

Keystone: A combination of Craps and Roulette Spinnerbox: An updated take on slot machines Fortune's Tower: A "press your luck" style of game

The download also includes a Shell, which is a tutorial of all three games.

Fable II will reach Australia shores on October 23. In addition to the standard retail version (priced $99.95 RRP), Fable II will be offered in a Limited Collector's Edition ($119.95 RRP) through participating retailers and will feature:

• Bonus DVD - Includes new 'Making-of Feature' with Peter Molyneux and the team at Lionhead Studios and concept art viewer • Bonus In-Game Content (Requires LIVE account) - Includes "The Hall of the Dead" Dungeon, "The Wreckager" Legendary Cutlass Weapon and Otherworldly Bonus • Collectible Hobbe figure with accessories - From the Qee Collection comes this one-of-a-kind Hobbe figure. Nasty, brutish, and short, he roams the countryside, preying on travelers and spiriting away the children of the unwary. • 48-hour Xbox LIVE Gold Trial Card - With Xbox LIVE Gold, players can show off their individual hero by inviting friends into their unique version of Albion or they can visit their friends' Albion, and earn additional gold, experience and renown to take back into their own. • Five printed Fate Cards - These five beautiful cards foretell the Hero's great destiny to journey across all of Albion, encountering deadly enemies and enigmatic allies. The path leads to a choice that will change the world forever.

Fable II Pre-Orders available from: EB Games, Game, JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith Power House. Check with your local retailer for availability.


    Do you know if we get the pub games gratis if we pre-order the game? It appears other territories are getting that bonus.

    Fluff paying 800 points to spin some shit.

    I was in JB HiFi today preordering the CE for this very reason and was told that they had not received any codes or pre-order information to hand out in regards to the Pub Games, although they did know about it, and the manager was of the opinion they wouldn't hear anything until the end of the month!?!

    Most frustrating. Should I fork over my MS points for two weeks extra time with the pub games or wait and see if I really do get a pre-order code. Has anyone actually gotten their hands on the pub games for free?

    I have a feeling AU might be getting the arse end of this deal unfortunately.

    @ AJ - good response.

    I guess if you're someone buying the game you'd probably be spending enough time on the game to accrue enough money to do what you want long-term anyway. Just not as quickly. My conclusion = unless it's 'free', it's not worth 800 points.

    I think in Australia we only get the free pub games if you get the collectors edition, oh well I'll have to get that!

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