Fallout 3 AU Edits: You Won't Hear About Them From Bethesda, Red Ant

vb_small.jpgWell, we've hit a bit of a brick wall for now. After repeated attempts to get anything from distributor Red Ant, and an expanded "no comment" from Bethesda, it's unlikely we'll know what the exact differences are between our version of Fallout 3 and the original. Well, that is until the OFLC report is leaked.

According to Bethesda's PR dude Pete Hines, the developer does not "publically discuss" the classification of any of its games, which is understandable, if unfortunate. As for Red Ant, it's like there's no one home. Anything Fallout 3-related is flat out ignored. Not the most professional approach, but hey, what can you do?


    So begins the mass confusion over what the difference is, as we had with GTA4.

    To save myself a lot of wasted time wading through forum threads of rubbish and misinformation i'm just going to import regardless, safe in the knowledge that it's now even less likely it'll get confiscated by customs what with all the legit copies flying around.

    Is there a voice for the retailers in Australia? Because if i were them i'd be worried about more and more regular joes like me importing by default because of this classification system.

    "Not the most professional approach, but hey, what can you do?"

    Take away their morphine and inject some adrenaline to perk them up... :/

    "Not the most professional approach, but hey, what can you do?"

    Import the game from somewhere else, pay less, get it uncensored, and make sure that Red Ant don't get your money?

    Just walked out of GAME where they advised me that they have just received an email stating that Fallout 3 has been refused clasification again, and I might want to transfer my pre-order to another title, is this right?

    @MATTNZ: There are no new Fallout 3 entries in the OFLC database, so I'd take the comment with a grain of salt for now.

    they read the email wrong

    GAME are now taking expressions of interest for fallout, IE a $0 deposit, while they wait for the publishers to get their shit together and communicate. GAME are happy to refund your pre-orders for fallout, transfer them or leave them on fallout for when it come out here

    Look, all you have to do is email the OFLC and request the report. It's as simple as that and costs you nothing. Who gives a fuck what Bethesda or Red Ant say? Fine don't tell us whats cut, but don't expect me to pay $120.00 for a kid-friendly piece of junk either.

    If you want shit done you've got to do it yourself.

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