Fallout 3 AU: Incentive And Reward For Drug Use Removed

Fallout 3 AU: Incentive And Reward For Drug Use Removed

morphine_left.jpgFallout 3 edited and set for a local release. It was only a matter of time. But what exactly can we expect from this altered version? Hopefully we’ll have an answer for you soon. For the time being, all I have is comment from an OFLC spokesperson.

As expected, the main changes were to the portrayal of drug use in the game. According to the OFLC, the incentives and rewards for their use have been “removed”. I don’t want to cause alarm, but this doesn’t sound like a simple cosmetic change (such as a rename of morphine). I mean, the “reward” for using morphine is the ability to ignore the detrimental effects of pain on the player. I can’t see why you’d use morphine if this was taken away.

Anyway, I’m just speculating now. I should have the board report later this afternoon, so be sure to watch this space for more details.



  • http://www.classification.gov.au/special.html?n=1&p=227 Go and moan to OFLC, make your friends do it. It’s now or never. Personally I don’t think Fallout 3 will be a really good game worth all this fuss but it’s all a matter of principle. The upside is if they rate the neutered version of the game 15+ you oughta be able to import the full one without having to worry about your unedited copy being seized by customs. I can’t imagine customs being able to tell the difference by looking at the box “Oh but it’s the same as the one being retailed here Mr Officer sir!” lololololololol

  • overpriced, censored, late release dates, welcome to australia, region free gaming is the wave of the future, I’m never paying GST for games ever again, take that uncle sam’s less imposing brother!

  • Perhaps there were achievements/trophies or even quests that ‘rewarded’ use of some drug-items? That could explain it without breaking the game mechanic

  • “As expected, the main changes were to the portrayal of drug use in the game.”

    Wait, so there’s going to be changes to things other than drugs? :O If that is true I shall be importing…

  • @WNxGinnungagap: Considering the government sees fit to RC Fallout 3 but ignore other forms of media with very very heavy drug use, I’ll bet you anything that the people at Customs will fall for it.
    “Oh, come on, officer, there’s no difference!”

    In a nutshell, Federal Government = too stupid to cope with virtual morphine. Just wish some of the higherups can say something about this.

  • Surely removal of the drugs is unnecessary? Why not just change the morphine injection to a morphine suppository? I’m fairly sure nobody will feel the need to go get themselves addicted to those things after playing the game!
    But seriously, import time.

  • The customs law says you cant import Refused Classification material, but if a game has been classified here then its fine to import it from overseas….thats why GTA IV imports were allowed and didnt get confiscated.

    The big hoo-hah was about it being RC’d since you cant import that material…

  • I heard from someone another change they made was you will not be able to target the eyes or groin with VATS. I have no idea about the groin but you cant target the eyes because it would make it too much like a reall assassination or something.. Another lovely example of how theyre trying to keep the nasty disgusting real world out of video games.

    I never thought of that though… Just importing it from England since it will look exactly the same. I mean I thought of importing it for sure but I never thought it would work until I saw here and realised that they wouldnt be able to tell the difference… It’s not like you can look at the disc and it will say in bold letters “DRUGS LIKE IRL OMG!!! KEEP OUT OF AUSTRALIA!!!”

  • HAH. all they promote is the game being downloaded. hahahaha bunch of useless morons in the OFLC. totally useless.

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