Fallout 3 Cleared For Australian Release

In its original state, Fallout 3 was deemed no good for the Australian market. Too many drug references for the Australian Office of Film & Literature Classification's liking. But now, well, now it's all good! A revised edition of the game has been cleared for release, and has been classified MA15+ by the OFLC, a rating based on the title's "Strong violence, drug references and coarse language". For the record, an MA15+ rating - the highest Australian law permits - means persons under the age of 15 can't legally purchase the game. What's unknown at this stage is the extent of the edits made; it could be a few simple name changes to the in-game drugs, it could mean a more fundamental overhaul of the game's menu/icon system, we don't know yet. It's the middle of the night in Australia. We'll update when we do know.

Fallout 3 [OFLC]
Fallout 3 [EB Games Australia]


    Anyone know any new news about the BOS figurine? I would like to preorder ASAP, but dont know where to. Help would be appreciated.
    Thanks guys.

    Ok so what this means is all Australians who want the game are going to pirate it so they arnt left with a limping copy of a wonderful game.

    Australia needs a 18+ classification that is all there is to it. if the kid is 10+ they are just going to pirate it any way.

    the 15+ limit also gives a bad judgement if parents buy something for a kid oooo its 15+ so its ok when really its an 18+ game just hacked up with less drug references. If a kid goes out and does drugs that he sees in a game when its 15+ that's bad but if its 18+ like it should be the person is an adult and if they go out and do drugs its called college.

    Yet again Australia is shown in its backward mentality. We're not smart enough to decide for ourselves if content is offensive!
    Yet again I will be buying a game from overseas to ensure I get the full and original content as designed, rather than one cut and hacked to keep the Aussie control freaks in government happy.
    The Australian game industry is all but dead thanks to the ridiculous requirements of a few cronies in power. Welcome to the 1960's (In Australia)

    I've been playing bioshock these last couple of days and not only do you see the main charachter shooting up with a fat old needle every two seconds there was a green picture of one like fallout 3 had. Like someone else said, even if its just one line of dialoge changed, I'm importing it, get it cheaper and non edited and withold the 10% tax we pay on ever fn thing down here from the goverement too!

    Urgh, finally.
    Import time!

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