Fallout 3 Confirmed For Australian Release? No, Not Yet.

Fallout 3 Confirmed For Australian Release? No, Not Yet.

Gamerchip is reporting that Fallout 3 has been edited and is on-track for a local release. Excellent. Awesome. Fantastic. Well, it would be all three of these if I was to believe the story.

The piece mentions that the game is due out later this year, with all drug references removed. Apparently this info came from “EB and Game representatives”. That’s great, EB Games and GAME can say whatever they want, but until I hear word from the OFLC, Red Ant or Bethesda, Fallout 3 is still refused classification.

There’s also mention that the two retailers are taking preorders, yet, as far as I can tell, the title remains in exile from EB’s Oz site. Even if they are, why wouldn’t they? That’s what retailers do – they take your money. If they have to refund it later, they’ll cross that bridge when the come to it.

Saying the game is “confirmed” is wishy-washy anyway. It’s unlikely Bethesda won’t create an edited version of Fallout 3 for our market, and perhaps others like Germany. It’s not a matter of if, but when, and the degree of content that’s altered. Only when I have this information in hand will I be confident enough to throw around words like “it’s confirmed” and “import it anyway”.

Fallout 3 Confirmed For Australian Release [Gamerchip, thanks Nick]


  • What exactly is “Excellent. Awesome. Fantastic” about a censored version of Fallout 3 coming to Australia?!

    I think it’s Depressing. Outrageous. Wrong.

  • I don’t care anymore. Thanks to the OFLC and local suppliers price hikes, I now import all of my games. Half the price for the “full” game. I have a fallout 3 collectors on order from the UK for $115 AU incl postage.

  • Yeah … i agree the whole story of it being on its way is a wee bit convenient. I was told it was all going to be alright Thrusday when I picked up Soul Calibur 4, but the OFLC is still listing the game as RC. AFAICT Bethesda has never commented at all, and EB games managers are … not the most trustworthy people. we are talking about the same people that exclaimed “Yes we will exchange Sony PSPs in store if there are any defects” right up to the point where they had defects.

  • One thing that I haven’t seen mentioned: when a movie is refused classification, the distributor/owner can appeal to the Classification Review Board. Does that apply to games as well? And if so, surely that’s the first route Bethesda would be taking?

    If a censored version is done for Australia, I’ll be importing this one, and screw the “risk”. 🙂

  • I’m dong some research into the classification issue and surrounding issues. Does anyone have a link or idea of the legalities of importing a refused or censored product into Australia? Eg if it’s actually illegal to import the non-censored version of GTAIV, then what are the possible penalties for doing so? Any info or links would be much obliged.

  • Heh. I asked at my local EB’s a few weeks ago and got told pretty much the same thing. Being the cynic I am, I figured it was the standard bullshit being disseminated from head office.
    Only difference to the story was that they were going to change the name of the drugs. Whatever. We’ll see soon enough.

    Still waiting for my GAME UK order to be cancelled too….it’s still sitting there happily, just daring me to be optimistic.

  • sigh… as drugs are probably a major component of this game, it looks like im going to have to order it from the UK. I believe its pathetic how immature the Australian government is.

    I want to put the people who support these kind of regulations in a banana crate and send them to a country where their favourite hobby is banned, be it film, theatre, music or even dancing. Then they can talk.

  • Teh.. I sure do hope they only change the word cuase i asked for this game for my B-Day 🙁 DONT DISSIAPIONT ME OFLC!

  • Now lets all go shoot up morphine and smack each other around like filthy mutants in the backyard for a couple of hours after playing the censored version of FallOut3 if its released just to show em we will do it any way!!!

  • I’m still insulted and will still import the FULL version for cheaper from overseas, if paying 50% more wasn’t enough. You think we will have all the leg/head exploding action kept? I’m sick to death of no blood and no bullet holes. I’m importing it to save money and withhold the GST that this game would be bringing in normally. Get f’d australian goverment, meaning you michael atkinson, I hope you get caught with a hooker because we know all you right wing religous types have the most weird and kinky skeletons to hide.

  • Ease up on EB staff and managers, they only have the information that head office provides and usually want the game just as much as you.
    The reason they are not all knowing, bow down and kiss your ass gaming guru’s is because they get paid about $18 an hour to unpack endless boxes of stock and get asked the same question by angry nerds every day, but they try their best, give them a break!

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