Famitsu Doesn't Like 'Beijing Olympics 2008' At All

The Olympics are starting soon! And if you are a game developer working on an Olympics game, you must get your game out on time. No matter what! That could be why SEGA's Beijing Olympics 2008 is apparently so, well, crummy. Japanese game magazine Famitsu scored the game 3,4,4,3 for the PS3 version and 4,5,4,3 for the Xbox 360 version. Ouch. Comments include things like "Sports, as a collection of mini games, isn't enough" or "We like the game patched". Apparently the PS3 online rankings weren't even working correctly, so. That's a shame. Well, guess that means we'll have to watch the real Beijing Olympics then.

PS3「北京オリンピック 2008」がファミ通レビューで次世代ハード最低点を記録 [裏はちま起稿]


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