Favre Traded, But Madden's Cover Remains The Same

Hey, sports fans! We know you read Kotaku. Or, at least, some of you care about sports. Maybe even care about Madden. So you'll find this of interest: with the Packers QB being traded to the Jets today, it leaves EA in a pickle. They'd put him on the cover of Madden 09 in a Packers uniform, convinced - like everybody else - that he'd stay retired. So with Favre now due to suit up (or at least hold a clipboard) for NY this season, what are EA going to do with the cover? The game's not out yet, they can mock up a new, Jets-branded image, right? Nope. They're just going to leave it, a testament to a time when Brett Favre was going to be remembered as a future Hall of Fame QB, and not the meddling star of a modern-day sports soap opera.

Brett Favre Traded To Jets [IGN]


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