FCC Confirms New PSP Model On The Way

It's not the PSP-3000, but it's damn close! Documents published on the FCC's website have confirmed that Sony are to release a new model of the PSP, the PSP-3001. Before you ask, yes, the new PSP looks...a lot like your old PSP. There appear to have been no changes made to the exterior of the unit, nor to its core specifications, meaning the changes will be for less sexy things like cost-reduction (by using newer, cheaper components). Course, if that is your idea of sexy, there's a mountain of paperwork you can read up on at the link below while you get yourself all lathered up.

PSP-3001 [FCC, via Gizmodo]


    The 3000 and 3001 models will most likely be nearly exactly the same, the only difference between 2000 and 2001 models is the region, models with the serial 3001 will be released in America while models with 3000 will be released in Japan. Australian models will be either 3002 or 3003

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