Final Fantasy XIII Comes To Men's Formal Wear

While the surprise announcements that did come out of the Square Enix DKΣ3713 Private Party were definitely post-worthy, Final Fantasy Agito XIII coming to the PSP is a big deal doesn't hold a candle to oddball product cross-collaborations. The biggest news to come out of the weekend event was that Square Enix and Roen would be releasing Final Fantasy Versus XIII formal wear, real world items worn by in-game characters — perfect for the prom!

It looks like the collaboration works both ways, as this is more than just cheap cosplay stuff. Roen looks to have worked with Square Enix on character designs for Versus XIII.

Before you excitedly whip out the credit card, be warned that Roen is obscenely expensive. Sure, their tank tops are just dazzling, but even we balk at $US 240 price tags.

Square Enix Party Wrap Up [Game Watch]


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