Finally, Some Sexy Mahjong On The DS

D3 Publisher of Japan is filling a void on the Nintendo DS. The void that one looks into and sees nothing but an endless black nothingness, devoid of sexy anime girls of various fetish types in bikinis playing mahjong. D3 is filling the void to its brim with Simple DS Series Volume 44: THE Gal Mahjong, a sexy spin on the ancient tile game.

And it's not just boring old mahjong you'll be playing in Simple DS Series Volume 44: THE Gal Mahjong. No, you'll get fantastic, subtly suggestive mini-games, in which girls ride on inflatable bananas and are endlessly attacked by mosquitos, requiring one to swat them away with the DS stylus. You may even be asked to wipe the sand away from a biniki-clad doe-eyed female mahjong partner.

Simple DS Series Volume 44: THE Gal Mahjong... ask for it by name this September!

Simple DS Series Volume 44: Gal Mahjong [Game Watch]


    This looks like an interesting game. I been
    playing mah Jong since the Hot boys: 400
    degreez came out. It helps me think a little
    and since I have a passion for anime, I would like to
    know if they have anime themed mah Jong games
    real style or software and if they have for the
    I-touch, give me aholla [email protected]
    I'll be sure to pick it up.

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