First Dead Rising Wii Hands-On, Gameplay Footage

So, Capcom's bringing Dead Rising to the Wii. There's been some concern about how the company will bring what was previously an Xbox 360 exclusive to the less powerful Wii. Game site 1up's hands-on with the title do relax those concerns somewhat. According to 1up, the game runs on the Resident Evil 4 Will Engine, and there were about ten zombies on screen at once. Developers hope to have one hundred on the screen at once when the game ships. From the hands-on:

Because Chop Till You Drop runs on the Resident Evil 4 Wii engine, the controls feel similar — differing mostly in the pacing, since Resident Evil is, in most cases, a slower shooter, while Dead Rising's a faster beat-em-up/shooter/choose-your-own-adventure-through-the-crowd game. That means you hold down a button and point the Wii Remote to shoot, and you can choose between pressing the A button or flicking the Wii-mote for an up-close attack.

...The game features multiple save slots and eschews the 360 version's 72-hour countdown clock. Time matters on a mission-by-mission basis rather than for the overall story — which, according to [Capcom marketing manager Colin]Ferris, means it's very likely players will be able to successfully complete the game their first time through. We don't know the full extent of what Capcom refers to as this new "episodic" structure (specifically, how players will have to balance saving civilians with completing the main story), but the goal on the development side is for a mostly "linear" progression, which seems like a nod to the large mainstream contingent of the Wii's audience.


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