Freebie Adventuring With Ben There, Dan That

Freebie Adventuring With Ben There, Dan That

Indie developer Zombie Cow (they did the spoof deathmatch platformer Gibbage)- have released another ‘tribute’ game — this time a Windows Point ‘n’ Click adventure heavily inspired by classic Lucasarts SCUMM games like Monkey Island, Sam & Max Hit The Road and Day Of The Tentacle.

Ben There, Dan That follows the adventures of programmer Dan Marshall and his reanimated zombie flatmate, Ben. What starts out as a simple hunt for a TV aerial to facilitate viewing of Magnum: PI turns into a multidimensional quest for a missing Yin-Yang.

If you don’t mind some fairly primitive graphics, enjoy in-jokes about retro gaming and think you can stomach what Zombie Cow themselves describe as “the odd dabble of mild racism” (Eh? Careful with the irony guns, guys, that stuff can get everywhere) then BTDT is available for the low, low price of free – although Zombie Cow would certainly not object if you wanted to chuck a donation their way.

Ben There, Dan That [Zombie Cow]

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