Games Convention 2008 - The Adventure Begins

I've never been to Germany, but my father says it was nice.

Well, he said it was nice - he hasn't said much since the cremation, but I suppose that sort of thing would leave anyone speechless. The fact that he spoke at all after being born in Germany immediately following a rather nasty war is a comforting fact. If an infant can survive post World War II Germany relatively unscathed, I should have no problem surviving really really-post WWII Germany, what with my being a completely grown man perfectly capable of taking an infant in unarmed combat.

As you read this I am nervously sitting in an airport, preparing to take my first steps outside of the continental United States in order to aid Kotaku's Mike collective (McWhertor and I) in covering Games Convention 2008 in Leipzig. Soon my 6'6" frame will be crammed into a tiny seat in a metal tube shooting across the Atlantic towards my father's birth country, and while a great deal of this trip is for you people, I'm saving just a tiny bit of it for myself.

See you all in Germany!


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