Gears 2 - Multiplayer DLC Already On The Way

In what is hopefully not just an oblique way of saying that Gears Of War 2 will a bit on the short side, Cliff Bleszinski has revealed that the first GoW2 downloadable content will arrive shortly after the game's release.

Speaking to Joystiq at X'08 Canada (not the Leipzig GC, as previously noted), Bleszinski confirmed that Epic is already working on the DLC, which will be "multiplayer map focused".

Cliffy also had some news for potential Gears achievement hunters — the game will let you "chip away" at achievements in every mode and will incorporate a little pop-up display to indicate that you have just done something that could lead you to completing an achievement.

X08: Cliff Bleszinski talks Gears of War 2 [Joystiq via Xbox360 Fanboy]


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