Germany - Ich Leibe Es!

Behold my first attempt to get in touch with my German heritage. Aside from the whole Games Convention 2008 thing, I think the most exciting thing for me about being in Germany was the chance to try new food. Upon arriving at the Frankfurt airport this morning I eagerly sought out German culinary delights. This is all I could come up with. Note that a McCroissant is polygonal ham and bad cheese on hard bread. Yum.

I've managed to sample a few European exclusives in the first half of my 9-hour layover, including some coffee that has forever ruined American coffee for me and a Coke product I've never seen before that sublimely combines cola and orange - two of my favourite flavours - into a product that has me weighing my clothes to see what I have to leave behind in order to fill my suitcase with it. I suppose I could just visit the Coca-Cola Museum in my hometown to get my fix, but that would mean going outside, and outside is big and scary.

This is my view as I write up this post. It's a dreary, rainy day in Frankfurt, and I would have probably been disappointed if it were anything but. In the "cool" Germany I see in the movies it's always raining, and every other person looks like they got their hairstyle directly from Second Life. Spikes, splashes of pinks, blues, purples...I see it around the U.S. as well, but here it just feels a bit more real.

I'd write more, but the airport internet is 8 euros for 60 minutes - roughly $US 12 - and I think we can all agree that me rambling on about the airport in Frankfurt isn't worth $US 24, especially with so many other neat things to spend my colourful fake money on. The newsstand across from me has a German-language Hello Kitty magazine in it. I must have it.

I've rested enough anyway. Time for me to get up and wander, trying my best to look meekly apologetic anytime anyone speaks to me in Klingon German.


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