Get A Friend Hooked On WoW, Score A New Mount

Blizzard have kicked off a new "Recruit-A-Friend" initiative, whereby you - "you" being the WoW player - is in line for a bunch of good stuff if you manage to get a friend hooked on Blizzard's digital methamphetamine. Get 'em signed up for 30 days and you'll get 30 days for free. Get 'em signed up for 60 days and you'll get yourself a new mount, the "Zhevra". Get 'em signed up and play alongside them, and not only will you both accrue XP 3x faster, but you'll be able to summon each other from "any point" in the world. As a final pot-sweetener, Blizzard have also announced that "for every two levels of experience your friend earns, they can grant one level of experience to any one of your characters of lower level".. I had images of a million husbands leading their newb wives gently by the hand, until Fahey reminded me this'll be clogged up with existing players creating alternate accounts. Which is a shame. My idea was much more romantic.


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