Godfather II Is As Much RTS As It Is GTA

Godfather was...OK. Not awful, but then, didn't really live up to the name, either. So it's thoroughly unsurprising to hear that, for the second game, they're ditching the GTA-style gameplay in favour of something a little more...unique. The latest issue of the UK's Xbox World 360 mag says the game's a little more like "Scarface meets Total War". Confused? Explanation follows: while the action/GTA bits remain, they're only part of the action. There's also a "Don's View" element to the game, much like the world map for the Total War games, where you can inspect and tweak stuff on a more strategic level (this time across three cities: Miami, Havana & New York). Could get messy, but then, anyone who's played X-Com may also find something to look forward to if EA can successfully manage the split between the planning and action sections.

We'll be checking out the game first-hand next week, so stay tuned for our impressions.

Godfather II: First details [CVG]


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