Grand Theft Auto Doesn't Kill People...

gta_dude_paper.jpgThere's a stirring editorial at Destructoid over the recent murder of a taxi driver in Thailand by a youth who cited Grand Theft Auto as his inspiration. While the piece focuses on violence and its (non-existent) link to video games, I feel the logic applies to other issues (say, drug use) as well:

Grand Theft Auto has nothing to do with depravity. These acts of violence are the direct result of the decisions that these people choose to make. It's been said countless times before in a long list of editorials by the games industry, but it needs repeating for the unconvinced of the world. Videogames are not the enemy.

Why do people choose to do the things they do? Who the hell really knows? Blaming things on violent videogames is not the answer though. I'll admit that games like Grand Theft Auto or Gears of War may have the propensity to give an ill individuals ideas, but these cats are already toast. Some other flame has burned them before fantasy indoctrinated them.

With the amount of rubbish we've had to put up with over censorship and classification, I realise I'm preaching to the converted. But it's always good to see the merits of our plight being appreciated internationally.

Violence in games doesn't translate to real violence [Destructoid]


    Now this news is disgusting. These deprived people and their "toasting" of animals. Theres only one thing to do!
    *runs to the nearest tabloid*

    I can see the headlines now: HARMLESS KITTENS MAIMED - VIDEO GAMES TO BLAME?

    No matter how many blog posts people make, its not a misunderstanding on the news's fault, its intentional sensationalism. The problem that we have to tackle lies in the publics understanding, and their willing acceptance of the tabloids sensationalism.

    *Tears at hair*

    Oh why, oh why, oh why?!
    Why won't the video-game-ignorant-slash-hateful world listen?! Video games don't have anything to do with murder! It's the choices people make! Their pasts, and experiences! It could be bad parentage! It could be trauma! Or midlife crisis! Or whatever!

    Yeah, what about the 5 million others who have played the game and NOT killed anyone.

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