Guitar Praise - Knocking Off Guitar Hero.. For Jesus

They say that the Devil has all the best tunes — 'they' are noticeably quieter on the subject of who has the most original video games, however. (Hint: it appears to be the devil again)

The description for Guitar Praise: Solid Rock seems a little familiar - Two guitars can be connected at the same time, so two guitarists can play together - either on the same track or one on lead, the other on bass. Players press the fret buttons and strum on the strum bar in time to the colour-coded notes as they scroll onscreen.

I'm sure I have heard that somewhere before — almost as though someone has been coveting his neighbour's gameplay.

Anyhoo, GP:SR lets you strum along to the very best in Christian Music - bands like Thousand Foot Krutch, Relient K, the faintly sinister-sounding Whitecross and many more who I am sure actually do exist, but have yet to make it to the secular radio stations here in the UK.

Guitar Praise is out for the PC and Mac in September, lifestyle sold separately.

Guitar Praise: Guitar Hero for Christians
[via Boing Boing Gadgets]


    WOW there was a lot of hate in this preview.

    Leave your bias at the door and get some professionalism you hack.

    *in before this doesn't get through the approval process as it's not positive towards kotaku*

    w00t! consider me pre-odored.

    Does it come with oxygen tubes and the song 'Healer'?

    Woulnd't it just make more sense to sell a "christian pack" addon for GH?

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