History Of The Australian Games Industry, In PDFs

Time for a history lesson! The Australian Centre for the Moving Image has a pair of PDFs up detailing the past and present of the Oz gaming industry. One document contains a hefty write-up on local achievements, while the other has a timeline of specific events.

While the PDFs are hosted at the ACMI website, it appears the research was done by Bond University. They account for the good times (Bioshock, Puzzle Quest) and the bad (Fury), and provide a great overview of how far our industry has come. If you think there's nothing new to learn, think again. I for one didn't realise Halloween Harry was developed in Oz. I loved that game. I'm sure you'll make a few interesting discoveries of your own.

History of game development in Australia [ACMI, via Tsumea]


    If you're interested, the creator of Halloween Harry, John Passfield, has his own site/blog where you can download the Apogee version (Alien Carnage) for free:


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