House Of The Dead Overkill Beats The Shit Out Of Grooming A Horse

Don't go throwing that Wii in the trash just yet, kids! Sega are here to save the day. They know you're jack of the shovelware, jack of the short shrift you seem to be getting from cash-chasing developers, and want to help. That's why they're releasing The House of the Dead: Overkill. They're releasing it just for you.

There's a lot of Wii fans worried about the decline of decent hardcore games on the system. No, guys — we're not making a 30 hour-plus RPG here, but we are making something you are going to have a complete blast playing. We are making it with a nod to one of the greatest arcade series of all time and we hope you'll just purely enjoy teaming up with buddies and posting those high scores on the forums with the rest of us...It'll beat the shit out of grooming a horse.

Don't ever accuse Sega of not knowing which of the converted they're preaching to.

GC 2008: The House of the Dead: Overkill [IGN]


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